How Do You Pack and Move Bathroom Items?

Amidst the hustle and bustle of packing, it’s easy to overlook the sanctuary of your home—the bathroom. Unlike other spaces, the bathroom must remain fully functional until the very last day in your current residence.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through a strategic approach to packing your bathroom items for a move. From toiletries to towels, makeup to medicines, we’ll delve into a step-by-step approach, ensuring your bathroom essentials are not just packed but packed with care. We’ll also discuss how hiring professional house removalists like Posch & Silva can help make your move hassle-free.

Sort Your Bathroom Items

Before delving into the packing chaos, set aside several weeks to systematically sort through your bathroom items. This step involves a meticulous exploration of your bathroom cabinets, drawers, and shelves, with the goal of categorising your belongings into distinct groups.

  • Small Bathroom Appliances: Begin with the essentials you use every day, such as hair dryers, curling irons, and electric razors.
    Toiletries: Round up toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shower gels, and any other personal care products you use regularly.
  • Shaving Accessories: If you include shaving in your routine, pack razors, shaving creams, brushes, and other necessary items.
  • Makeup and Beauty Products: Systematically organise your makeup collection, including lipsticks, mascara, foundations, and nail polishes.
  • Medicines: Gather first aid kits, prescription medications, and any other health-related items you might require.
  • Paper Products: Don’t overlook the basics – toilet paper, tissue paper, and paper towels are crucial for your bathroom.
  • Bathrobes and Towels: Ensure your bathrobes and towels are readily available when you need them.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Include the items necessary to keep your bathroom clean and well-maintained.

Bathroom Decluttering: Toss, Donate, Recycle

Simplify your bathroom packing process with a practical approach – decluttering. Begin by tossing out broken or obsolete items, creating space for what truly matters. For those items still in good condition, extend their usefulness by donating to friends, family, or charitable organisations. Embrace a responsible disposal method for potentially harmful items, like old medicines, ensuring a choice that aligns with environmental safety.

Prepare an “Essentials” Bag for Your Move

As you get ready to pack up your bathroom for the upcoming move, take a moment to plan for the first week in your new home. Considering potential delays during transit, it’s smart to create a dedicated essentials bag, making sure you’re well-prepared without the stress of last-minute store runs.

This essentials bag should include items like your toothbrush and toothpaste for a bright smile, deodorant to stay fresh during the moving hustle, any necessary medications to keep you healthy, your preferred soap and shampoo for a refreshing post-move shower, shaving supplies for a quick grooming fix, feminine products for personal needs, the all-important toilet paper, and, of course, your makeup to keep up with your daily beauty routine.

Pack Toiletries and Other Bathroom Items Properly

Secure Toiletry Bottles

When getting your toiletries ready for a move, it’s crucial to secure the lids of your bottles to prevent messy spills during transit. Picture the inconvenience of opening a box only to discover shampoo and lotion leaking onto your belongings. To avoid such mishaps, ensure your lids are tightly sealed. For an extra layer of protection, use plastic wrap or sticky tape to seal any opened bottles, ensuring your favourite moisturiser arrives intact and ready to use at your new home.

Organise with Toiletry Bags

Make packing a breeze by using toiletry bags with multiple compartments. These special bags do more than just help you organise – they provide a complete solution for all your bathroom essentials. Thanks to their separate sections, toiletry bags keep your items neatly arranged. No more searching through a mess of things – everything is in its place and easy to find.

Dedicated Containers for Bathroom Appliances

When dealing with bathroom appliances such as hair dryers and straighteners, don’t overlook the importance of dedicated containers. This way, you won’t have to deal with untangling cords or finding your hairdryer damaged during unpacking. Dedicate separate containers for each appliance, and if possible, use their original boxes for added safety. This ensures your appliances are not only protected but also easily accessible when needed.

Keep Delicate Items Safe

Some bathroom items, such as decorative glass containers or porcelain soap dishes, need extra attention. Imagine the frustration of discovering broken glass or chipped porcelain when you unpack in your new home. To prevent this, take a moment to wrap each delicate item with packing paper or bubble wrap before packing. This extra layer of protection ensures that your fragile items arrive in your new bathroom undamaged and ready to use.

Hygienic Packing

Ensure a clean and safe moving process by utilising grocery bags to wrap items like plungers and toilet brushes, minimising the risk of germ spread. This practical approach not only prioritises hygiene during packing but also streamlines the unpacking process for added convenience.

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