How to Make Moving Furniture to Your New House Easier

Moving big furniture can be quite tough, especially when you’re moving to a new place. It takes good planning and careful handling to make sure your favourite pieces get to their new home without any hiccups. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some important tips to make the furniture moving process easier and less stressful.

10 Ways to Simplify Moving Furniture to Your New Home

Check Your Space and Furniture

Before you dive into moving, it’s a good idea to look at the room and the furniture you want to move. Think about what kind of furniture you have and how heavy it is. This will help you understand how much effort you’ll need. Also, measure your doorways, hallways, and stairs to see the best way to get your furniture in and out. Watch out for tight corners and stuff in the way. Take pictures or draw a map of your new place to help plan where your furniture should go.

Get the Right Tools

To move your furniture safely and smoothly, you’ll need some tools. These furniture moving tools will give you the support and protection you need. Trolleys and dollies are great for moving heavy things, while straps and sliders make it easier. Using plastic bags helps keep all the small parts together. Blankets, wrapping, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and packing tape will protect your furniture and keep fragile stuff safe. Choosing the right boxes can make a big difference when you’re packing. Use sturdy boxes that can handle the weight of your stuff. Make sure the boxes are the right size so your things fit snugly without moving around too much. If needed, reinforce the corners of your boxes for extra protection.

Clear the Way

Before you start moving, make sure there’s nothing in the way. Remove anything that might trip you up, like rugs or small things. Fix any cords or wires that might be dangerous. If you need to, use stuff like cardboard or special sliders to keep your floors safe.

Take Things Apart

Moving big furniture can be way easier if you take it apart first. By removing things like legs, knobs, or shelves, you’ll make the furniture lighter and smaller. This makes it simple to get through tight spots and doors, and it’s less stressful.

Protect Your Furniture

To keep your furniture from getting scratched or dented, you need to protect it the right way. Use blankets or special coverings to wrap up your furniture’s edges and surfaces. You can also use things like cardboard or padding to shield your walls, doors, and floors from bumps and marks.

Wrap Up Small or Fragile Stuff

When it comes to protecting small or delicate things while moving, the materials you use matter. Bubble wrap, foam padding, or soft blankets can help cushion delicate surfaces and prevent scratches or dings. It’s important to secure the wrapping with tape or stretch film, so everything stays safe. Plus, make sure you label boxes with fragile stuff. This helps you and your movers know what needs extra care.

Lift the Right Way

When you’re lifting heavy furniture, it’s super important to do it safely. Bend your knees, not your back, and use your leg muscles. Stand up straight and use your core to help. Keep the furniture close to your body. These tricks will stop you from hurting yourself while you move.

Get Some Help

Moving big furniture isn’t a one-person job, even with the right tools. Ask your friends or family for help. Give them jobs like guiding, lifting, or watching to make things safer and easier. Or, you can hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting, which saves you time and effort and makes you worry less.

Talk to Movers About Delicate Items

Good communication with your movers is key to a smooth and safe move. Before you start, tell your movers about any fragile or valuable things that need special attention. This way, they’ll handle those things with care and use the right packing and moving methods.

Consider Hand-Carrying

For items that are super valuable or super fragile, think about carrying them by hand. This way, you have control over their safety. You can make sure they’re stored and moved in a way that reduces the risk of damage or loss. Hand-carrying gives you peace of mind during the move.

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Moving Furniture

Don’t Forget to Label Boxes: Neglecting to label boxes can result in confusion when unpacking. Always clearly label the contents of each box for easy organisation.

Don’t Ignore Weight Limits: Be aware of weight limits for boxes and containers. Overloading can lead to damaged or broken items.

Avoid Packing Dirty Furniture: Clean your furniture before packing to prevent dust and dirt from affecting it during transportation.

Avoid Leaving Items in Drawers: Don’t leave items in furniture drawers during the move, as it can make the furniture heavier and less manageable.

Avoid Mixing Fragile and Heavy Items: Don’t pack fragile items together with heavy ones in the same box, as this can lead to damage during the move.

Avoid Rushing: Take your time during the packing process to ensure a smooth and careful move. Rushing can lead to items being packed hastily and difficulties in locating them later.

What to Do with Old Furniture

Host a Garage Sale

A garage sale is more than just a way to bid farewell to old furniture; it’s an opportunity to earn some extra cash. The process of decluttering your home not only leads to a more organised and spacious living environment but also allows you to allocate the proceeds towards new furniture or other home improvements. To ensure a successful sale, meticulously organise your items and clearly label their prices. Promote your garage sale through various channels like social media, local advertisements, and neighbourhood platforms to attract potential buyers.

Sell Furniture Online

Selling your old furniture online is a convenient option. When doing so, provide detailed descriptions and high-quality photos of your items, and research the market to set competitive prices. Maintaining clear communication with potential buyers is essential, so arrange convenient pickup or delivery processes and ensure transparency about payment terms. Don’t forget to reach out to local friends or acquaintances who might be interested in your items, streamlining the selling process.

Donate Your Furniture to Charity

Opting to donate your old furniture to charity is a compassionate and noble choice. Numerous charitable organisations and non-profits are in constant need of furniture to support those in less fortunate circumstances. Your donation can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. It’s an opportunity to declutter your home while positively impacting your community.

Temporary Storage Solutions

When you find yourself uncertain about the future of your old furniture, temporary storage solutions can provide valuable flexibility. Renting a storage unit offers a secure and organised space to safeguard your furniture while you deliberate on its fate. This option not only ensures the protection of your belongings but also grants you the time to make a well-considered decision.

If you prefer temporary storage that comes with the freedom to adapt to your needs, using a van as mobile storage is an excellent choice. By loading your furniture into a rental van, you gain the ability to relocate your possessions at your own pace,

Hiring Professional Removalists for Storage

Professional removalists, like Posch & Silva, often offer storage solutions as part of their services. Entrusting your furniture to reputable movers ensures it’s kept in a safe, climate-controlled environment with round-the-clock security. Professional storage services offer convenience and peace of mind during transitional phases.

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