Senior Relocation: Tips to Assist Your Loved Ones with Moving

Moving homes can be physically demanding and emotionally stressful, particularly for elderly individuals who may not be as agile as before. It is crucial to acknowledge their unique needs and offer the support they require.

Whether you are assisting them in transitioning to a new home, an assisted living facility, or a senior community, adopting a gentle approach is key.

In this blog, we will share valuable tips and strategies to make the relocation process easier for both you and your loved ones.

How can I help my senior declutter?

Helping your senior loved one declutter their belongings is an important step in preparing for a move. Make sure to approach the decluttering process with compassion, understanding, and patience. By working together, you can help them embrace the transition with a sense of peace and comfort.

Approach with Sensitivity

Recognise the sentimental value possessions hold for seniors and understand that parting with items can be emotionally challenging. Be empathetic and patient as you help them navigate through their belongings. Encourage them to share stories and memories associated with specific items.

Start Early

Begin the decluttering process well in advance of the move to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. Allow enough time for your loved one to make thoughtful decisions about each item. Slow and steady progress is better than rushing through the process.

Break it Down

Decluttering an entire home can feel overwhelming, so break the task into smaller, more manageable sections. Focus on one room or area at a time. This approach will make the process less daunting for your senior loved one and allow them to see tangible progress.

Create a Sorting System

Create a sorting system to categorise items. Use labels or colour-coded stickers to differentiate between items to keep, donate, sell, or discard. This visual organisation will help your senior loved one understand why decluttering is a must.

  • Sentimental Items: Help your loved one identify items of true sentimental value. Encourage them to select a few cherished pieces that hold the most meaning to keep. For the rest, consider taking photos to preserve the memories without the physical clutter. Remind them that memories are within them, not just in the objects.
  • Functional Items: Emphasise the importance of practicality and functionality when deciding what to keep. Discuss the space limitations in their new home and help your loved one prioritise items that will be useful and bring them joy in their new living arrangement.
  • Items for Donation and Selling: Assist your loved one in finding appropriate avenues to donate or sell items they no longer need. Local charities, consignment stores, or online platforms can be excellent options. Knowing their belongings will go to someone in need can provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Offer to help them with the logistics of donating or selling items.

Preserve Family History

Help your loved one organise and preserve important family documents, photographs, and memorabilia. Consider creating a digital archive or a scrapbook to honour and cherish these precious memories.

Professional Assistance

In some cases, enlisting the help of a professional organiser, downsizing specialist, or a reputable removalist may be beneficial. These experts have experience working with seniors and can provide guidance, support, and efficient solutions throughout the decluttering process. They can offer practical advice on downsizing, storage options, and coordination of the move.

How to Pack for an Elderly Move

Now that important decisions have been made, belongings have been decluttered and organised, it’s time to focus on the next critical step: packing for the move. Packing can be a daunting task. However, with proper planning and care, it can be a smoother and safer process. Here are some valuable tips to help you pack effectively:

Mind the Weight of Boxes

When packing, it’s crucial to consider the weight of the boxes, not just for moving day but also for unpacking in your new home. Distribute the weight evenly by mixing heavier items with lighter ones. Aim to keep individual boxes under 23 kilograms to prevent strain or potential injuries while lifting or carrying them. Pay attention to the weight as you pack to ensure boxes are manageable for yourself or the movers assisting you.

Ask for Help

Packing is not a task that needs to be shouldered alone. Reach out to your family members, friends, or neighbours for assistance. Their help can make the process faster, more efficient, and less overwhelming. If you don’t have anyone available to help, consider budgeting for professional packers who are experienced in handling the physical demands of packing your precious belongings. Their expertise can expedite the process while minimising the risk of injuries.

Handle Fragile Items with Extra Care

Fragile items require special attention to ensure their safe transportation. Take extra precautions by wrapping them carefully with appropriate padding materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, or blankets. Consider using sturdy boxes specifically designed for fragile items or reinforce standard boxes with packing tape for added security. Add extra layers of protection for delicate items to minimise the risk of damage during the move.

At Posch & Silva, we understand the importance of handling delicate items with utmost care. Allow us to take this responsibility off your shoulders so you wouldn’t need to worry about it. Our team of expert packers can assist you with this part of the moving process, ensuring your fragile belongings are packed and protected to perfection.

Utilise Double-Layered Cardboard for Long-Term Storage

For items that will be stored long-term, we highly recommend utilising double-layered cardboard boxes over plastic tubs. At Posch & Silva, we have found that plastic tubs often tend to break, especially their lids, making them less reliable for extended storage.

To ensure the utmost safety and protection for your possessions, we advise using our sturdy double-layered cardboard boxes instead. These boxes are designed to withstand the test of time, safeguarding your belongings from potential damage.

Simplify your elderly relocation with our convenient packing and unpacking service, a valuable addition to your personalised moving plan. Our dedicated team will take extra care by meticulously sealing all cardboard box edges with high-quality sticky tape, ensuring your belongings remain safe from dust, pests, and moisture. With our reliable double-layered cardboard boxes, your cherished items will be well-protected and preserved during the entire storage period.

Pack an “Open First” Box

Make the transition of your senior loved ones to their new space more comfortable by packing an “open first” box.” Include essential items such as bedding, linens, toiletries, a few changes of clothes, basic kitchen utensils, and any other necessities they’ll need during the first few days in their new home. Keep this box easily accessible, either in their personal vehicle or as the last item loaded onto the moving truck, so it’s the first to be unpacked upon arrival.

Posch & Silva’s Elderly Moving Service: Ensuring Safe and Efficient Moves for Seniors

At Posch & Silva, seniors can trust that their move will be handled with expertise and care. Our personalised approach, comprehensive services, and high-quality packing supplies all contribute to ensuring a safe and efficient transition to their new home.

Personalised Moving Plans for Seniors

We believe in tailoring our moving service to meet the individual needs of seniors. We begin the process with a free, no-obligation inspection of the senior’s current residence. This inspection allows us to gather essential information and understand the layout of the home, including thoroughfares, entry and exit points, parking areas, driveways, and lifts.

Based on this information, we create a customised moving plan designed to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition. The plan takes into account the senior’s specific requirements, preferences, and any unique challenges associated with the move.

Comprehensive Packing and Unpacking Services

We also offer comprehensive packing and unpacking services to be part of the moving package. Our experienced team of movers and packers can assist in sorting through the senior’s belongings, helping determine what to keep, what to leave behind, and what to discard. We utilise effective labelling systems to ensure that nothing gets lost or misplaced during the move.

When it comes to unpacking at the new location, we provide valuable support. We can assist in unpacking and placing everything where the senior desires for their comfort and convenience. This attention to detail saves time and effort for the seniors, allowing them to settle into their new space quickly.

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

We understand that packing materials play a crucial role in a successful move. Our moving boxes are designed to last, featuring a double layer of sturdy cardboard to ensure the safety of belongings throughout the entire moving process. The boxes are not only durable but also come with helpful tips printed on the side, guiding the packing process and facilitating organised unpacking at the new location.

In addition to standard moving boxes, we offer a range of specialised packing and protective materials upon request. This includes TV boxes, mattress covers, and lounge covers, ensuring the safe transportation of specific items. Our professional movers and packers are available to assist seniors in finding the right solutions for their unique requirements.


Assisting your loved ones with senior relocation is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and support. It can be both emotionally challenging and physically demanding, but the rewards of ensuring their comfort and happiness in their new home are immeasurable.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how to navigate the complexities of senior relocation, Posch & Silva is here to help. With our expertise in custom moving solutions and our understanding of the unique needs of seniors, we can provide the assistance you need to make the process smoother and more manageable.

Our dedicated team is ready to listen to your concerns, address your questions, and develop a personalised moving plan that caters to the specific needs of your loved ones. From comprehensive packing and unpacking services to reliable and efficient coordination, we will guide you through every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss your senior relocation needs. Together, we can make your senior loved ones’ transition to a new home a seamless and joyful process.