3 Reasons why you should always check removal companies’ reviews

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NSW Fair Trading has warned consumers about dishonest removalist companies after receiving an overwhelming amount of complaints about a large number of issues such as: losing and breaking items, holding storage goods hostage and demanding extra money for services and failing to provide contracts and receipts.

Although many consumers are inclined to research removal companies, many fail to do a thorough check through companies’ reviews.

Companies that use reputable review tools such as Google Reviews aren’t afraid of sharing what customers are saying about their services.

Reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions and strengthens a company’s credibility, simply because it’s a transparent way for companies to prove their claims are truthful.

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Here are 3 reasons why it’s crucial to check reviews before you make your booking.

  1. Popularity does not equal excellent service: The name might be familiar to you, but that doesn’t mean they offer the best removals service.
  2. Great branding can be an illusion: They might have a great website full of grand statements, but that doesn’t mean they deliver a good service.
  3. Transparency is everything: Many removal companies do not offer price transparency when they provide you with a quote. By checking reviews, you can have a better understanding of their pricing structure and find out if their initial quote accurately reflects the final balance.

If there were a secret checklist to make the right decision when choosing a removalist company, we would say that checking reviews is at the top of the list.

Moving is a stressful process, but some companies prioritise walking the walk rather than talking the talk, and the best way to pick them out is to look through their reviews.

40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews. Don’t settle for that; dig deeper. Check review dates and make sure they are recent.

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Don’t ignore smaller players in the market as they often offer a more tailored service that many of the larger companies can’t provide. Larger companies work at capacity and take a volume-over-quality approach. You usually pay more for their services as you are paying for the brand name rather than the efficacy of their services.

At Posch & Silva our customer reviews are top-of-mind. We strive to offer the best possible moving experience for all customers. Rather than focusing on booking numbers, we strive for the amount of 5-star reviews we receive.

This approach has helped us to fine-tune our services over the years, ensuring customer satisfaction is always high.

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There is no guarantee when it comes to service providers – even money-back guarantees should raise suspicions as they usually come attached with a series of T&Cs. The best way you can secure a safe and stress-free move is to hire a company that cares about what you are going to say about their services afterwards.

If you are actively looking for a removal company in Sydney and Canberra, we encourage you to browse through our 5-star Google reviews here and our Facebook reviews here.

We stand by our promise to provide a stress-free home or office move.

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