Professional organizing tips when moving into a new home

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Moving can really get under your skin, but dwelling in a chaotic mess day in and day out? That’s a whole different level of stress.

Ideally, you’d want to get your home in order right when you move in, but let’s face it, the mountain of boxes waiting to be unpacked can sometimes make things feel even more overwhelming than they were before.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered at Posch & Silva. Our team of professional unpackers knows the ins and outs of transforming your new space into an organised haven that seamlessly fits into your daily life.

So we asked them to share their top-secret tips on how to unpack and organise your belongings after you move.

1. Unpack as soon as possible

Unpack as soon as possible

When it comes to unpacking, speed is your ally. Get those boxes emptied pronto, except for the ones meant for storage. To tackle this task with finesse, take a page out of our guide, “5 Hacks That Will Make Moving Easier,” and sort your boxes by room.

Make sure to provide Posch & Silva with instructions on what colour corresponds to each room. If you don’t have coloured tape to categorise each box, make sure to give the rooms names that are easy to remember so that removalists know where to place each box.

To stay organised, take on one room at a time. Keep a supply of spare boxes nearby for items that need to be stored elsewhere. Remember, the available storage space can vary significantly from one house to another, making it challenging to plan precisely how you’ll store your belongings before the move.

2.Declutter As You Unpack

You might have done some decluttering before the packing phase, but trust us, there are bound to be items you tucked away that you no longer need.

When you step into your new home, you’re filled with positive feelings and a desire for a fresh start. But that item that looked amazing in your old house might not quite fit the vibe in your new one, especially when it comes to decorative pieces.

A smart move would be setting aside a collection of items you want to drop off at your nearest charity shop. The goal isn’t to dispose of good things but to pass them on to someone else who’ll cherish them.

3. Categorise Items Before Storing Them

The best-kept secret of an organised home is categorisation. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of opening a cabinet door and finding everything neatly sorted.

Once you’ve separated all the items in a room into their respective categories, it’s time to start placing them inside cabinets. But here’s a tip: Leave the decorative items for last. This way, you’ll have a clear view of the room and can make any necessary furniture adjustments once everything else is tucked away.

By sorting your bits and pieces, you’ll spend less time looking for your belongings and feel more in control of your household.

4. Set Organisational Goals

Setting organisational goals begins with a clear vision of how you want your living space to function and look.

Start by identifying what matters most to you in terms of functionality and style. Are you striving for minimalism, efficiency, or a cosy atmosphere? Once you’ve defined your objectives, focus on actionable steps to achieve them. For instance, if you desire a clutter-free home office, plan for storage solutions and daily routines that support this goal.

Regularly revisiting and adjusting your goals will help you maintain an organised and harmonious living space that aligns with your evolving needs and preferences.

5. Invest in Storage Containers

Storage containers, whether they’re big or small, play a key role in keeping your home organised and easy to manage.

These don’t need to be of exceptional quality since they will be hidden behind cabinet doors. But investing in durable containers can be a wise choice because they will last you a lifetime and have multiple uses over time.

And instead of getting rid of containers you no longer use, store them in your garage, attic, or even under the bed. You’ll find them handy someday when you least expect it, serving your storage needs efficiently.

An organized home is a happy home

6. Skip the Recycling Collection Wait Time, Opt for Drop-Off

You don’t need to wait around for recycling collection day when you’ve got a stash of recyclables from your move. Chances are, there’s a recycling centre nearby where you can conveniently drop off all the cardboard, paper, and plastic you’ve accumulated.

Instead of waiting for multiple recycling collections to clear out your things, gather it all in one place, separate and bundle it as needed, and then locate the nearest recycling facility to make a one-time drop-off.

Additionally, it’s worth checking with your removalists to see if they’re interested in buying back or reusing boxes. If you sourced your packing materials through the removalist company, it’s likely they’ll take boxes back.


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Posch & Silva is deeply committed to sustainability and waste reduction. As part of our eco-friendly initiative, we provide a FREE collection service for your Posch & Silva removal boxes once you’ve completed your unpacking. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll arrange a convenient and hassle-free pickup.

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Moving is a blend of excitement and stress, often marking the beginning of a fresh chapter in our lives. The key to a smooth transition lies in starting right, with a well-organised system that enhances your new beginning.

So choosing the right moving company is very important, involving an evaluation of expertise, reputation, services, and customer feedback. By meticulously considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that guarantees a seamless and successful move.

Keep in mind that a truly exceptional removalist is more than a mere service provider; they become your trusted partner in a momentous life transition.

When you choose Posch & Silva as your moving ally, you’re not just hiring a moving company; you’re gaining access to a team of dedicated experts who prioritise excellence, offer tailored solutions, and advocate eco-friendly practices.