Professional organizing tips when moving into a new home

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Moving is stressful but living in a disorganised home can be a never-ending source of stress.

The best time to organise your home is when you move into a new one, but the overwhelming feeling of unpacking piles of boxes can create an even bigger chaos than you had before.

At Posch & Silva our professional unpackers are trained to store your possessions away to work seamlessly with your daily life.

We asked the team to share their top-secret tips on how to unpack and organise your belongings after you move.

1. Unpack as soon as possible

Unpack as soon as possible

All boxes, apart from boxes labelled to go into storage, should be unpacked as soon as possible.

The easiest way to accomplish this task is to sort your boxes by room, as highlighted in our 5 Hacks That Will Make Moving Easier

Make sure to provide Posch & Silva with instructions of what colour corresponds to each room. (Tip: if you don’t have coloured tape to categorise each box, make sure to give the rooms easy-to-remember names so that removalists know where to place each box).

Tackle one room at a time and have some spare boxes around you to place items to be stored elsewhere. Storage volume will change from house to house and planning how you will store your items ahead of moving will be difficult.

2. Categorise items before storing them

The best-kept secret of an organised home is categorisation.

Nothing beats the feeling of opening a cabinet door to find your things beautifully ordered.

Once all the items in that room have been separated into categories, you can start placing them inside cabinets.

It’s important to remember that some items in the room are decorative. Make sure to leave this category to last. This will give you a clear view of the room and allow you to re-arrange furniture if necessary once all items are stored away.

If you sort your bits and pieces, you’ll spend less time looking for possessions and feel more in control of your household.

3. Invest in storage containers

Big or small, storage containers are a must to create tidiness and easy-to-manage systems within the home.

These don’t need to be of exceptional quality since they will be hidden behind cabinet doors but, when you purchase good-quality containers, these will last you a lifetime and can be repurposed over and over again.

Insider tip: Don’t dispose of containers you are no longer using. Keep these stored in the garage, attic or even under the bed as we can assure you one day they will come in handy.

4. Don’t wait for the recycling collection, do a drop-off instead

Chances are, there is a recycling center near you to drop off all the recycled rubbish you’ve accumulated over the move.

Oftentimes it takes several recycling collections before you get rid of all your cardboard, paper and plastic.

Keep all the rubbish in one spot, already separated and bundled, search for the nearest recycling facility and drop it off all in one go.

Also check with removalists if they buy back boxes or re-use them. If you have arranged your packing materials through the removalist company, it’s likely they’ll take boxes back.

5. De-clutter as you unpack

Perhaps you have already de-cluttered before packing, however, we guarantee you packed things you don’t need.

When you walk into your new home, you are full of positive feelings, you want to start afresh.

An item that looked great in your old house, might not look as good in your new one. You’ll find this happens a lot with decorative pieces.

Make sure to have a pile of items you want to drop off at your nearest charity shop. The goal is not to dispose of perfectly good things, but to pass it on for someone else to love it.

Moving is exciting but also stressful. Most of us are looking-forward to a new start when moving homes. It’s important to start right, with a fresh system that can improve the way you live.

The goal is to spend your precious time enjoying your new life, not stressing about your things.

An organized home is a happy home

An organized home is a happy home.


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