How to Prepare for Downsizing Your Home

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Ever found yourself living in this large house for as long as you can remember, only to realise that your kids have all grown up, and those once lively rooms are now just stagnant, collecting dust? Ringing any bells?

At some point in life, we all yearn for a simpler way of living, one with fewer cleaning and maintenance tasks so we can indulge in the things we love doing. Perhaps you’ve experienced this desire when relocating, especially if you’re moving to a city where housing prices are soaring, making it nearly impossible to afford a property as spacious as your current abode.

I went through that exact thing when making the big move from New Zealand to Australia. The soaring house prices in my new destination meant we had to bid farewell to our spacious 3-bedroom house with a roomy garage and embrace the cosy confines of a 2-bedroom apartment nestled in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Moving alone can be quite an ordeal, but let me tell you, downsizing takes it to a whole new level of exhaustion. That’s why Posch & Silva has created this handy checklist based on invaluable feedback from hundreds of customers who have been through the process.

Getting Ready To Downsize Your Home

Downsizing is not about losing; it’s about gaining a fresh start, simplicity, and a more manageable way of life. So instead of being daunted by the prospect of downsizing, use this checklist as your guide to confidently head towards a brighter, more simplified future.

1. Remember the ‘why’

You do not just downsize randomly; there’s a purpose behind your decision. Maybe it’s because your bedrooms are unused most of the time or your house feels excessively roomy after the kids have moved out. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remain focused on why you are moving.

Maintaining a clear connection to your ‘why’ simplifies the process of letting go of items you no longer need and helps you break any emotional attachments to clutter that might not fit into your new place.

2. Start decluttering

Decluttering is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. So don’t leave it until the last minute, or you might end up keeping things you don’t really need, only to toss them later.

It’s also important to not get too carried away with the idea of saving everything for the next generation. Sure, it’s nice to think about passing down heirlooms, but sometimes, making a practical and calculated decision is best.

Take your time and go through every room slowly and don’t forget to sort through the garage, shed, and storage spaces–you might find some valuable items to sell on social media channels for extra cash.

This may not only help you get rid of your unwanted items but also be able to cover a chunk of the cost of moving.

3. Take an inventory of what you have

Once you begin the decluttering process, you’ll likely notice some patterns emerging–items you want to keep and items you’re ready to part with. This insight will come in handy when you start making a room-by-room inventory.

But there’s more to it than just tidying up. Keeping a record of your belongings helps you see what you have, identify what you no longer need, and maybe even find some treasures you forgot about.

4. Minimise duplicate items

You’ll be amazed at how many duplicate items you’ll find when packing to move. And your new, cosier home won’t have room to accommodate double-ups. This is where the packing process comes to the rescue. It’s the perfect opportunity to bid farewell to those extras.

Your kitchen utensils drawer is bound to have two of something. But ask yourself, do you really need two potato mashers or two sets of measuring cups that pretty much do the same job? Not likely. Keep the ones you genuinely prefer, and consider passing on the surplus to someone who could use them.

And it’s not just the kitchen drawers; kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and tool sheds tend to harbour these sneaky duplicates, too. Let’s be honest, they only end up hogging space and making your new digs feel cramped. So get rid of them and create a clutter-free zone in your new home.

5. Work out your non-negotiables

Take a moment to reflect on the aspects of your everyday life that are non-negotiable. As you consider your next living space, it’s important to have a clear list of the things and spaces you need to carry out your daily routines effectively.

If you do several loads of washing a week, then having a dedicated spot for a washer and dryer becomes a must and not having this amenity can significantly impact your day-to-day contentment.

Here’s a personal tidbit: I never fully grasped the importance of a linen cabinet until I found myself living for years without one. It might seem like a minor detail to some, but for me, it was a constant source of frustration. It’s these seemingly small yet essential elements that can make or break your daily life.

So make sure your non-negotiables are at the top of your checklist when looking for your next home and deciding to downsize.

6. Evaluate your space and plan smartly

When it comes to downsizing, thoughtful planning can make all the difference. Start by assessing your furniture in relation to your new home’s dimensions. This practical step can help you decide what stays and what goes, based on your space constraints. Keep in mind that a smaller home, like a two-bedroom compared to a three or four-bedroom, may require some furniture adjustments.

Take a moment to ponder your dining table–is it a grand formal setup or a compact, cosy affair? What about those bulky display hutches or armoires? Depending on your new space, some of these may need to find new homes through donation or storage.

A common oversight is to focus solely on room sizes and forget about closet and cabinet spaces. As you downsize, scrutinise your wardrobe’s contents to ensure everything you want to keep fits comfortably. Take notes on the new wardrobe’s hanging space, drawers, and shelves, and plan how to organise your belongings effectively within these parameters.

If you work remotely and need a home office but also require a guest bedroom in your two-bedroom unit, there’s a simple solution. Create a dual-purpose space that serves as both an office and a guest bedroom. Consider a sofa bed to replace the traditional guest bed. Not only does this save space, but it also provides extra seating for meetings and other activities.

7. Do not rule out a separate storage

7. Do not rule out a separate storage

If there isn’t enough space for things you want to keep, don’t be afraid to put them in storage until you know how you feel in the new space.

Downsizing is an emotional process and making decisions on what to keep, throw, or sell can be quite stressful.

If you feel overwhelmed and require more time to think through throwing or keeping an item, storage is a great cost-effective option. Storage facilities often allow you to access your items easily. But remember that if an item has been in storage for too long, you might not need it after all. Give yourself a timeframe to determine if it’s worth keeping those items.


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Change is never easy, but downsizing your home is a significant transition that can lead to a simpler and more manageable way of life. By following the checklist provided, you can approach this process with confidence.

To ensure a seamless relocation process, remember to choose the right moving company. Evaluate their expertise, reputation, services, and customer feedback to make an informed choice for a successful move.

The right removalist is more than just a service provider; they become your trusted partner throughout this significant life transition.

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